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(1)                 Advocacy and facilitation of terrorism

·        ISM/PSM is on record as advocating terroristic violence.

o     A University of Michigan PSM organizer, Fadi Kiblawi, wrote that he "wants to strap a bomb to [his] chest and kill."

o     New Jersey Solidarity leader Charlotte Kates defines Israeli children as "legitimate targets."

o     ISM/PSM founders Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Arraf say that the Palestinian "resistance" must include violent methods for which Israeli civilians are legitimate targets.

·        ISM/PSM activists have provided "safe house" assistance to terrorists in Israel.

·        A member of Al-Awda (Right of Return), an ISM/PSM affiliate, allegedly posted a solicitation for a "martyr" to bomb the Hadassah Hospital in Israel, where Ariel Sharon is being treated for a stroke.

·        At the 2nd PSM Conference at the University of Michigan in October 2002, the attendees chanted "Ittbach al yahood" = "Kill the Jews."

(2)                 Recruitment of American college students as "human shields"

·        ISM director George Rishmawi says it is useful to recruit American college students for the purpose of getting them hurt or killed in confrontations with Israeli security forces.

·        PSM spokesperson Nadeem Muaddi posted an essay calling for Christians to offer themselves as "martyrs" for the Palestinian cause. The context of his essay suggests that he means human shields.

(3)                 Promotion of religious intolerance and homophobic and sexist violence. ISM/PSM is an agent for the Palestinian governmental entities that:

·        Treat Christians as dhimmis (second-class citizens).

·        Sanction and condone domestic violence, including so-called "honor killings" of women.

·        Imprison, torture, and kill gays because of their sexual orientation.



Detailed information: International/Palestinian Solidarity Movement

ISM/PSM activities  1

Advocacy and Facilitation of Terroristic Violence  1

Advocacy of Terrorism   1

Safe House Assistance to Terrorists and Interference with Law Enforcement 2

Solicitation to bomb Hadassah Hospital and kill Prime Minister Sharon's visitors  3

Anti-Semitic hate speech  5

Recruitment of American college students as human shields  5

Promotion of religious intolerance and homophobic and sexist violence  6

Persecution of Christians (dhimmitude) 6

Violent persecution of homosexuals  7

Tolerance and promotion of domestic violence and murder 8

Appendix: ISM = PSM    9

Information from Jewish Action Task Force  9

Information from Sources Friendly to the PSM    10



ISM/PSM activities

Advocacy and Facilitation of Terroristic Violence

Advocacy of Terrorism

(1)                 "Fadi Kiblawi is far from being an outspoken critic of terrorism.  While an undergrad at U. Mich., he sponsored the national convention of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, a group that is on record endorsing terror bombing as a legitimate tool of Palestinian "resistance." Furthermore, Mr. Kiblawi actually wrote an article in a U. Michigan student publication in which he expressed his desire "to strap a bomb to one's chest and kill.  …The enemy is not just overseas, the enemy is also amongst us."

o     A Google search for "strap a bomb to one's chest and kill" should allow independent verification of this information. See also

(2)                 New Jersey Solidarity leader Charlotte Kates refuses to condemn terrorist bombings and defines Israeli children as legitimate targets.

"Charlotte Kates, the organizer of the New Jersey Solidarity Movement— an offshoot of the International Solidarity Movement— has refused to condemn homicide bombings and other means of 'armed resistance.'"

Charlotte Kates has said that Israeli CHILDREN are "legitimate" targets for Palestinian suicide bombers.

o "ISM organizers, however, occasionally forget to speak in code and actually say precisely what they mean. Charlotte Kates, leader of the New Jersey chapter of the ISM and organizer of the ISM's third National Convention, scheduled to take place on the Rutgers campus from October 10-12, explained that the ISM supports suicide bombing. "We support Palestinians' right to resist occupation and oppression, and do not feel that it is our place as a solidarity movement to dictate tactics of resistance to the Palestinian people. Why is there something particularly horrible about 'suicide bombing' - except for the extreme dedication conveyed in the resistance fighter's willingness to use his or her own body to fight?" (2003 by MidEastWeb and Ami Isseroff)

(3)                 Two of the ISM's leaders, Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Arraf, defended the use of violence against Israelis in a January 2002 article in the Palestine Chronicle:

"In actuality, nonviolence is not enough. Rather, what is needed is nonviolent direct action against the occupation." "The Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics— both nonviolent and violent. But most importantly it must develop a strategy involving both aspects. No other successful nonviolent movement was able to achieve what it did without a concurrent violent movement. In India militants attacked British outposts and interests while Gandhi conducted his campaign, while the Black Panther Movement and its earlier incarnations existed side-by-side with the Civil Rights Movement in the United States."

"Nevertheless, he [Shapiro] justifies the Palestinian armed resistance against Israel as long as it is targeting Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Otherwise, he is not in favor of suicide bombings." Settlers are civilians so he is advocating the suicide bombing of civilians. Furthermore, even soldiers are legitimate targets only for other soldiers and partisans who carry their weapons openly and wear uniforms or badges "distinguishable at a distance."

(4)                 PSM spokesman Nadeem Muaddi wrote a column that asks Christians to step forward as "martyrs" for the Palestinian cause. The Georgetown Hoya (January 27 2006) reports this: "But Muaddi declined to condemn suicide bombings, saying that it would not be right 'to criticize Palestinians for taking part in violence when the Israeli forces are taking part in violence.'"

Safe House Assistance to Terrorists and Interference with Law Enforcement

(1)        "Susan Barclay, the ISM organizer deported by Israel after she hid Islamic Jihad terrorist Shadi Sukiya in the ISM office in Jenin, told the Seattle Post Intelligencer that, "she knowingly worked with representatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad— terrorist groups that sponsor suicide bombings and exist, according to their charters, to demolish the Jewish state entirely." (Seattle Post Intelligencer, Thursday March 20, 2003, "Activist's death focuses spotlight on Mideast struggle," By Sam Skolnik, Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter.)

"Days before a British suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt in Mike's Place, a bar in suburban Tel Aviv, the bomber and an associate took tea with members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a pro-Palestinian group that promotes non-violent resistance to Israeli occupation."

(3)        "The immediate goal of the ISM is to hamper the ability of the IDF to prevent terrorist attacks on civilians." "The ISM sees itself as working in tandem with the terrorist organizations: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade. Those organizations use violent means, while the ISM undertakes such aggressive non-violent actions as blocking the progress of Israeli soldiers on their way to arrest terrorists. The intention of the ISM in these actions is to protect terrorists from interference by the IDF."

o     Hamas is a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) as defined by the U.S. State Department.


Solicitation to bomb Hadassah Hospital and kill Prime Minister Sharon's visitors

This was seen on a Yahoo discussion board. The individual not only asks for a "martyr" to bomb Ariel Sharon's visitors, he gives directions to the Hadassah Hospital along with Sharon's room number. Al-Awda ("Right of Return") is an ISM/PSM affiliate organization.


From: raja chemayel <>
Mailing-List: list; contact
Delivered-To: mailing list
List-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 19:35:29 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: [AL-AWDA] open letter to the next Suicide-Bomber

  Open letter to
  the next

  Dear Abou el Fidda' ,

  If you are next Martyr on the waiting list
  get started and pack your heavy-stuff ,
  kiss the hand of your mother
  kiss goodbye you bothers and sisters
  kiss the hand of your father
  put on that heavy-jacket.......

  Take the Express-Bus to Jerusalem-Central
  and then take bus Nr. 17 which takes you to Haddasah
  then step out at the Bus-Station called the :
  "Hospital for War Criminal"

  Show you Fake-Press-Card to the Security
  and speak with an American-accent
  walk slowly and do not attract attention......
  Enter the main-Hall and walk straight to the VIP- elevator
  tell them  Mr. Wolf Blitzer has sent you.....!!

  Go up to the seventh floor........
  look for the room 714........ (intensive care)
  and then slowly but surely hold on to that detonator
  under your jacket.......

  Once you reach that very-well-guarded-room # 714
  stop and turn left.....
  you will see a large "VIP-Waiting-Hall"
  with the many Dignitaries from many countries
  including ,unfortunatly, some Arab-countries......
  who came to pay their respect to their dying-Hero.

  Show again your fake-Press-Card and start
  interviewing those "well-wishers".........
  and ask them what made this man a Hero ??
  and how come he became a "Man of Peace"

  Then , order for yourself a cup of coffee,
  sit down , rest and think for a while.......

  If by then ,
  you are still not convinced by the arguments you have heard
  from those well wishers.....
  then release that detonator !!

  This man under intensive care will anyhow die,
  with or without your suicide , my brother ,
  your real enemies are
  those who have called him a "Hero"
  and could not convince you why.
  ( nor me)

  Raja Chemayel
  8th of Jan.06


Anti-Semitic hate speech (and other online sources), "When the Solidarity Movement met at the University of Michigan, delegates chanted 'Kill the Jews.'" The ISM/PSM denies that it chanted "Kill the Jews," apparently because what it actually chanted was "Itbach al yahood" (Arabic for "Kill the Jews"). Per
"...At the 2nd PSM Conference at the University of Michigan in October 2002, the audience chanted "Kill the Jews" — "Ittbach al yahood" in Arabic."


Recruitment of American college students as human shields

In March 2003, Evergreen College student and peace activist Rachel Corrie was killed in an accident with an Israeli bulldozer. Disturbing statements by ISM director George Rishmawi and a Hamas terrorist suggest that ISM/PSM had a motive for wanting Ms. Corrie dead.


(1)        "Recently, the Director of the Solidarity Movement, George Rishmawi, explained to the San Francisco Chronicle that the recruitment of American student volunteers is useful to the Palestinian Movement because "if some of these foreign volunteers get shot or even killed, then the international media will sit up and take notice.""

(2)                 Joseph Smith, who was present when Corrie died and whose highest priority was apparently to take pictures, said "The spirit that she died for is worth a life. This idea of resistance, this spirit of resisting this brutal occupying force, is worth anything. And many, many, many Palestinians give their lives for it all the time. So the life of one international, I feel, is more than worth the spirit of resisting oppression." ( article.htm, a source friendly to the Palestine Solidarity Movement,)

(3)                 "'Her [Rachel Corrie's] death serves me more than it served her,' said one activist at a Hamas funeral yesterday. '...Her death will bring more attention than the other 2,000 martyrs.'" Making of a Martyr by Sandra Jordan, Guardian Newspapers (

(4)                 ISM/PSM spokesman Nadeem Muaddi asks Christians to face "martyrdom" for the Palestinian cause. July. 30. 2005 "A Call for Christian Martyrdom" by Nadeem Muaddi ( and other sources, copy enclosed).

o     "Indeed, to become a true martyr, one must contribute equally to
“witnessing in word, witnessing in deed, and exposing oneself to danger,
whatever the cost”. If this “cost” so happens to be death, then one will
have become a martyr.
However, to simply kill one's self in a desperate
act of hopelessness does not constitute martyria, but murder – a sin
against God in all three Abrahamic faiths."

o     "Bishop Younan faithfully claims that “Martyria is the Via Dolorosa with
resurrection”. If this interpretation of “a theology of martyria” is
correct, then it’s about time more Christians step forward and offer
themselves up as martyrs for a true and just resolution to the
Palestinian Issue.


When challenged to explain what he meant by "martyrs," Mr. Muaddi provided the unlikely example of a firefighter who died while saving a baby from a fire. The word's context in "A Call for Christian Martyrdom" suggests that he means human shields, noting that if the cost of witnessing for the Palestinian cause in word and deed "so happens to be death, then one will have become a martyr." My personal opinion is that Rachel Corrie was one such martyr too many.


Promotion of religious intolerance and homophobic and sexist violence

The Palestine Solidarity Committee is lying about opposing racism, sexism, and homophobia. Per


In order for your organization to become part of the PSM, it must agree to all five of the following points:

o      End the Israeli occupation of "Palestine"

o      Equality under the law for Palestinians living in Israel

o      Right of Return for Palestinian refugees

o     Opposition to all forms of oppression (Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.)

o      Divestment is our tactic of resistance


PSM's actions in support of the Palestinian Authority's agenda, however, send a far different message.


Persecution of Christians (dhimmitude)

A dhimmi or "protected person" is a second-class citizen under militant "Islamic" rule. Contrary to the PSM's lip service to "opposition to all forms of oppression," the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are actively persecuting Christians in areas under Palestinian control.


(1) Palestinian Christians Face Persecution by Chris Mitchell, Christian Broadcasting Network
 "WEST BANK - Two thousand years after the birth of Christ, Christians are leaving the Holy Land in record numbers, and a new report suggests persecution against Palestinian believers is getting worse." "…since Israel withdrew from the Palestinian populated areas of the West Bank and Gaza …[Christians] fear for their own lives, they fear for their own family, they fear for the future of their community."

(2) "The general plan of Hamas also includes the imposition of a special tax, called al-jeziya, upon all of the non-Muslim residents in the Palestinian territories. This tax revives the one applied through all of Islamic history to the dhimmi, the second-class Jewish and Christian citizens." "In an interview with Karby Legget, published in the December 23-26 edition of The Wall Street Journal, Masalmeh, the leader of the Hamas contingent at the municipal council of Bethlehem, confirmed: "We in Hamas intend to implement this tax someday. We say it openly – we welcome everyone to Palestine but only if they agree to live under our rules."

(3)    International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem ( " 'Palestine' is an Islamic state, top Arafat advisor tells pastors concerned about Christian persecution under PA."

o     "In recent issues, the ICEJ's Digest has reported on the Palestinian Authority's oppression of Arab Christians in the self-rule areas. (see Tortured for their faith, Aug 1997; The price of conversion, October 1997; PA persecution of Christians, Nov/Dec 1997). Despite noteworthy efforts to end this official campaign of persecution, the PA is unrelenting, particularly in its targeting of Christian converts from Islamic backgrounds." "ARAB Christian Mohammed Bak'r is entering his sixth month in a PA prison for openly proclaiming his faith."


Violent persecution of homosexuals

The following articles— and a Google search for "Palestinian(s)" and "gays" (or "homosexuals") will reveal far more— show that the PSM supports a regime that is actively persecuting and committing violence against gay people in areas under its control. Matters are so bad that gay Palestinians, far from feeling "oppressed" by the "Zionists," are trying to flee to Israel to avoid being imprisoned, tortured, and/or killed.


(1)   The Yale Herald (November 2004, reports, "The Palestinian Authority subsequently arrested Adam three times for his sexual orientation, torturing and humiliating him. It is illegal to be gay in the Palestinian Authority, Eli said, and the police actually employ special undercover agents that seek out gay men, whom the police then torture, kill, or force to work as prostitutes. It is not surprising, Eli said, that he and Adam decided to flee to Israel, the only place where they would not be persecuted for their sexuality."

(2)   "Gay Palestinians Suffer under Arafat" ( says in part, "It is not widely known that, along with its war against Israel, the Palestinian Authority is conducting a vicious campaign against its own homosexual population. The New Republic, in its Aug. 19 issue, exposed hideous human rights violations by the Palestinian Authority, which employs special police squads to capture men who have sex with each other. The lucky ones are forced to stand in sewage water up to their necks or lie in dark cells infested with insects; others are simply starved to death."

(3)   Gay Man Criticizes Palestinian Society (A "A Palestinian man described the challenges of living as a homosexual in what he deemed an oppressive society last Tuesday in New South. …He said he was unwilling to reveal his last name or hometown for fear of being discovered by the Palestinian Authority."

(4)   Palestinian Gays Seek Safety in Israel ( "For these gay men, life in the seedy parts of central Israel is far better than the virtual death sentences they fled in the West Bank and Gaza Strip." "Torture by Palestinian Authority security services or vigilante attacks by relatives is a fate suffered by countless gays in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where sodomy carries a jail term of three to 10 years." "Islam prescribes capital punishment for homosexual activity."


Tolerance and promotion of domestic violence and murder

(1)        "Every year, hundreds of women and girls are murdered in the Middle East by male family members. The honor killing— the execution of a female family member for perceived misuse of her sexuality— is a thorny social and political issue. Palestinian activists campaigning for equality find it difficult to stop the killings altogether. Legitimacy for such murders stems from a complex code of honor ingrained in the consciousness of some sectors of Palestinian society."

"A Palestinian girl who was raped and impregnated by her two brothers was later murdered by her own mother – even though her daughter was the crime's innocent victim – in another of the disturbingly common, if vastly underreported, instances of "honor killings." The mother will be sentenced in two weeks, but a harsh penalty is not expected."

(3)                 A Google search on "Palestinian" and "honor killing" will yield far more examples.


Appendix: ISM = PSM

The Palestinian Solidarity Movement's standard defense against citations of the ISM's advocacy and promotion of terrorism is that the two organizations are separate. This appendix provides evidence that they are indeed the same organization.

The Strange Case of Joseph Smith

Who is Joseph Smith?

An ISM “activist” with no job but dual identities tours America

By Lee Kaplan


Information from Jewish Action Task Force
Why Does This Group Have So Many Names?

"The Solidarity Movement is not a legally incorporated entity. It is a
fairly loose association of individuals free to unite, to depart, and to
call themselves by a different name every day. Indeed, it is often to
their advantage to do so because if, as has happened, Charlotte Kates,
the leader of the New Jersey Solidarity Movement, gives a ringing
endorsement of suicide bombing, other branches of the solidarity
movement can say: she does not speak for us."

"...This particular International Solidarity Movement is often called
the Palestinian Solidarity Movement in the United States. Local chapters
have myriad names. Names of groups linked in the "local chapters"
section on the International Solidarity Movement web site, include:
Boston to Palestine, the Palestine Information Project (Seattle), and
the Free Palestine Campaign (Ann Arbor), which has a useful section on
its web site labeled "attacks on the ISM" [Ref. 1]. The section contains
several excellent articles regarding the nature of the ISM and its

"...The decision to quit the International Solidarity Movement in favor
of Al Awda was taken by New Jersey Solidarity leaders Charlotte Kates
and Summer Sharaf, either because they held more radical views than
other ISM members or because they wanted to express their views more
frankly. The split came over the desire of Kates and Sharaf to invite
Hamas to Solidarity Movement meetings (which the International
Solidarity Movement in Israel in fact already does)..." [Note that Hamas
is a Foreign Terrorist Organization as defined by the U.S. State

Information from Sources Friendly to the PSM

(1)                 Common Dreams ( "In the United States, the homegrown Palestinian solidarity movement has had limited political effect so far, acknowledged Adam Shapiro, a movement leader who joined Schurr at the news conference Saturday." But Adam Shapiro is the ISM's leader, isn't he?

(2)               The ISM's own Web site,
Support groups include
==> Florida Palestine Solidarity Network
==> New Orleans Palestine Solidarity
==> Palestine Solidarity Committee/ISM-S