America’s Nazi Party and Mein Fuhrer is Rachel Corrie

 Straight from the International Solidarity Movement’s friends at

“Jew York City bans a play about an American.” (And they say anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism.)

Per America’s Nazi Party: National Socialist Movement,

Welcome to the Official Home Page of the National Socialist Movement, an organization dedicated to the preservation of our Proud Aryan Heritage, and the creation of a National Socialist Society in America and around the world.

Jew York City bans a play about an American. “My Name Is Rachel Corrie” tells the story of an American activist and of her journey from her childhood in Seattle, WA, to her death under a bulldozer in Gaza at the age of 23. She made her journey to the Middle East in order “to meet the people who are on the receiving end of our [American] tax dollars”, and she was a killed by a US-made bulldozer. [ External Site ]

Furthermore, the supposedly-liberal Indymedia (Los Angeles) has aligned itself squarely with the Nazis by removing comments that expose this connection. The page owner is in fact so stupid that he hid the politically-incorrect comments after being told outright that we intend to destroy Indymedia’s credibility as a “progressive” (i.e. pro-women’s rights, pro-gay rights, anti-racist) news organization and that he was welcome to sell us the rope with which to hang Indymedia.

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Look who has taken up the “Cause” of Rachel Corrie!
by Autonomist
Thursday, Mar. 16, 2006 at 1:40 AM

The American Nazis Have a New Cause

“National Socialist Movement” is a Nazi splinter, claiming to be an
actual nazi “party,” with headquarters in Minneapolis. It is getting
harder and harder to tell the difference between it and Counterpunch.

The “National Socialist Movement” web site links to that of Norman
Finkelstein, the Holocaust Denier from DePaul “University” who is also
a regular on Counterpunch.

And new the “National Socialist
Movement”, whose motto is “Fighting for Race and Nation”, has taken up
the cause of Rachel Corrie. Corrie, you recall, committed suicide as
part of an attempt to interfere with an Israeli military anti-terror
operation. She placed herself in a position where an Israeli bulldozer
operator could not see her. She was crushed and then died in a
Palestinian medical facility, probably from improper treatrment.

She is now a heroine for the American Nazis, the REAL ones and not just
the Alexander Cockburn group. The “National Socialist Movement web site
is outraged, almost like Vanessa Redgrave writing on Counterpunch, that
the propaganda play about Corrie celebrating Arab terrorism will not be
staged in New York, or - as it is called on the nazi web site - Jew
York City.

Again like Counterpunch, the Nazi web site is full of rants about Jews controlling the US government.

The main difference between Cockburn’s site and the Nazi site is that
the latter has almost no readers, whereas the Counterpunch nazis do.

Oh, speaking of American nazis, the American nazi cartoonist Mike
Flugennock, whose “art” graces the Indymedia web sites of the
anarcho-fascists, submitted an anti-Semitic cartoon to the Iranian
Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest. First Prize, week’s vacation in
Teheran. Second Prize, two week’s vacation in Teheran.

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It speaks for itself. Los Angeles Indymedia hid comments that showed the National Socialist Movement’s hopping on the Rachel Corrie bandwagon and using her death to attack Jews and make anti-Semitic slurs like “Jew York City.”