by Bill Levinson (used by permission)

From the Bill O’Reilly interview with Lee Kaplan and Georgetown University’s Daniel Porterfield (Thursday 9 February 2006):

O’REILLY: OK. Now, if ties to terror were proven, if what Mr. Kaplan says is true, that they provide material support, sometimes financial support, would Georgetown turn around and say, “You’re not welcome”?

PORTERFIELD: I think that would be very significant, yes. We need to know what the exact facts are, of course. But we have no interest at Georgetown University in allowing people to come to campus who are supporters of terrorism.

The following information was sent to Dr. Porterfield (cc: President DeGioia and other Georgetown administrators) this afternoon, cc: Bill O’Reilly and The Hoya. We invite Georgetown’s administration, and our readers, to see how the information fits in with “we have no interest at Georgetown University in allowing people to come to campus who are supporters of terrorism” along with Georgetown’s own Student Organization Guide 2005-2006 Access to Benefits Introduction.

Huwaida Arraf is going to be one of the speakers at the Palestine Solidarity Movement Conference.

[Beginning of material sent to Georgetown]

To Dr. Porterfield, Dr. Smulson, Dr. DeGioia, Dr. Olson,
cc: The Hoya, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, Lee Kaplan
Information and additional details also posted to IsraPundit


This Washington Post article

led me to do some online research, which revealed some very serious allegations about the Palestine Solidarity Movement. Specifically, the group recruited Duke University students to become ISM volunteers, enter Israel under false pretenses, and interfere with Israeli security operations. Furthermore, Huwaida Arraf (who is scheduled to speak at the Georgetown conference) allegedly said that her group works with Foreign Terrorist Organizations (as designated by the U.S. State Department).
But many documented International Solidarity Movement speakers or workshop leaders participated in this week’s Duke conference, including ISM’s co-founder Huweida Arraf, who tried to recruit students to join her group.

Arraf led a workshop yesterday titled “Volunteering in Palestine: Role and Value of International Activists.” Arraf handed out brochures for the ISM and urged students to join the terror-supporting group, members of Duke’s Conservative Union who attended the workshop told WorldNetDaily. They asked that their names be withheld from publication.

Arraf, together with seven other self-declared International Solidarity Movement members who would not state their last names, screened a slide show about ISM activism, detailed the group’s two-day training session and fielded questions about the logistics of traveling to “Palestine,” explaining how to fool Israeli border control since ISM members are denied entry.


“This workshop, just as its title suggests, functioned as a recruiting session for the ISM, and ISM brochures and materials were distributed there,” the Conservative Union member told WorldNetDaily. He pointed out that although Duke officials were present at other PSM conference sessions, no Duke administrator attended the Arraf talk.

“Huwadia Arraf, co-founder of the ISM, led a workshop titled “Volunteering in Palestine: Role and Value of International Activists.” Arraf urged students to join ISM, which engages in tactics such as obstructing the activities of the Israeli Army, spreading anti-Israel propaganda and voicing support for others who engage in armed resistance against Israel.”

According to Georgetown University’s Student Organization Guide 2005-2006 Access to Benefits Introduction, Groups will not be eligible for access to benefits if their purpose or activities:

(1) are unlawful or in violation of University policy;
(2) endanger or threaten to endanger the safety of any member of the University community or of any of the University’s physical facilities;

As shown above, Huwaida Arraf will recruit Georgetown students to commit unlawful activities like entering another country illegally and interfering with its security and law enforcement activities. (You have also been supplied with additional detailed information regarding these two items. As an example, orchestrating a boycott of Israel may violate Federal anti-boycott laws, thus placing the event in violation of #1. Recruitment of students as human shields, as well as the riot started by a PSM group at Concordia University in 2002, seem to violate #2.)

Your organization guide also says,
Groups will not be eligible for access to benefits if their purpose or activities:
(4) foster hatred or intolerance of others because of their race, nationality, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

“The book 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis, edited by Lenni Brenner, was sold at a table at the conference. Brenner, a staunch anti-Zionist, has claimed in his writings that the Zionists were in league with the Nazis during World War II and that this alliance was based on a desire by the Zionists to bring about a Zionist state by exploiting anti-Semitism in Europe.”

[End of the E-mail that was sent to Georgetown this afternoon]

Now here is some additional information for Georgetown’s Administration.
ISM Ties to Violent Groups

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned that ISM activity “at times” is “under the auspices of Palestinian terrorist organizations.” For example:

* Two British suicide bombers met with ISM members before blowing up a popular bar in Tel Aviv near the U.S. embassy in April 2003. The ISM claimed that the only contact it had with the suicide bombers “was a brief social encounter” at an ISM apartment in Rafah.

* In March 2003, Israeli troops raided the ISM’s West Bank offices in Jenin and captured a suspected member of the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad. The Israeli army identified Shadi Suqiyeh, who was hiding in the ISM office, as a senior member of Islamic Jihad who had planned a number of foiled attacks on Israelis. A statement released by the ISM soon after the incident explained that Suqiyeh was brought into the apartment by an ISM volunteer “concerned about his welfare” because “under Israeli military curfew, Palestinians spotted in the streets are shot on sight.”

* More ties to hard-line Palestinian groups were revealed three months later, when ISM issued a press release inviting activists to “join the ISM, the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces and the Apartheid Wall Defense Committee…to block construction of the apartheid wall” during the Freedom Summer 2003 campaign. The Palestinian National and Islamic Forces is a group made up of members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the hard-edged wing of Arafat’s Fatah organization.

Now let’s let Huwaida Arraf speak on her own behalf. (@ has been replaced with “at,” a standard courtesy when posting someone’s E-mail address, to prevent harvesting by spam software.)
From: Huwaida Arraf [mailto:huwaidaa “at”]
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 11:39 PM



>From 15th December 2001 to 1st January 2002
the International Solidarity Campaign (ISC)
will be coordinating two weeks of direct nonviolent actions
designed to expose and confront the human rights abuses
by the Israeli Occupying Forces in the West Bank, Palestine.

…The program of actions for December will be finalized nearer the time
as the situation in Palestine changes so rapidly,
but it will include a candlelight procession on Christmas Day
and also some of the following:
- removing roadblocks from essential access roads to try to relieve
the sieges on Palestinian towns and villages;
- resisting the humiliation, delays and expense of the
Israeli-controlled check-points [2];
- attempting a ‘freedom ride’ on the apartheid-like settler roads
(these are roads in Palestine that are designated for Israeli use only);
- home-stays with families suffering from settler or soldier violence
(this is particularly serious in the Hebron district [3]).

All of these actions are being planned by the core organizing committee
of the International Solidarity Campaign -
a coalition of Palestinian and international organizations.

Note that the above consists at the very least of interference with roadblocks whose purpose is to stop terrorists or allow security personnel to search for bombs and weapons. “Resisting the humiliation, delays and expense of the Israeli-controlled check-points” could consist of helping unknown persons bypass security checkpoints; try that in any airport on earth, by the way, and see what happens to you. Be sure you have bail money and a good lawyer first, though.

This also was posted by Huwaida Arraf, and it quotes a story from Susan Barclay– the ISM activist who was caught hiding an actual terrorist in the ISM’s offices.

We have been doing a lot of roadblock removals during the last few days. The Israeli army has closed every single village repeatedly and the internationals staying in Iraq Boreen heeded the locals call to remove these road blocks. A group of nearly 40 of us headed out to Tell, Iraq Boreen and New Nablus and removed three roadblocks one morning. It was incredibly beautiful to watch this simple success working for a few hours and then watching as water trucks, vegetables and taxis begin to pass encouraged by the sound of our clapping and the smiles of resistance.

Palestinians at the Iraq Boreen roadblock then asked us to come to Salem village, where we helped remove three other roadblocks. We left a few people in the village who called an hour or two later to say that an apc and tank had come and a bulldozer was reported to be on its way. We moved quickly and had internationals there in time to block the bulldozer. 5 people sat on the ground and the bulldozer was unable to re-do the roadblock; the jeeps however did come and the soldiers began threatening arrest. After 30 minutes they begin taking the men, one by one, quick cuffing each one (with plastic handcuffs) and blindfolding them. They were put in the back of an apc and taken to Huwara military base (released hours later from Huwara after refusing to say anything). We stayed in the area until they left knowing they would bulldoze during the night. The day after we! came again to remove the road block and will continue this resistance as long as the Palestinians want to do so.

Now this one is really good:

Date: 5/25/04 3:13:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: huwaidaa “at” (Huwaida Arraf)
To: palsolidarity “at”

Freedom Summer Palestine 2004

Freedom Summer Palestine 2004 is conceived to be 56-day campaign (one day for every year of displacement and dispossession) against occupation, whereby Palestinians mobilizing with the participation and support of their international supporters, will draw the attention of the world to the true nature of the situation on the ground in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Palestinian struggle is a just struggle for dignity, human rights and freedom.

…Freedom summer is based on the notion that International Civilians are a resource for Palestinians in their struggle against occupation and for freedom and justice. As such, teams of International Civilians will be stationed for the entire period of Freedom Summer in various regions throughout the West Bank (Jenin, Qalqiliya, Tulkarem, Nablus, Salfit, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Hebron) and Gaza, if we are able to enter. They will be hosted by Palestinians and will work with local communities to protest and take direct action against occupation forces. They will also document and report on their actions and the various criminal actions of the Israeli occupation forces - incursions, home demolitions, arrests, etc.

At the local level, Palestinians will organize, train and coordinate a summer program of activities and actions to involve all elements of Palestinian society, and international supporters. Obviously not everyone is comfortable taking the same risks or participating in direct confrontations with soldiers, police and settlers. As such, local committees will determine various roles and levels of participation for all, so that there is “something for everyone.”

Campaign dates: June 25 - August 19, 2004

Two-day orientation & training sessions will be held once a week on Fridays and Saturdays and will be conducted by ISM trainers. The first training of the campaign will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, June 23 and 24. Following weekly trainings we will send groups of internationals to the various regions to join in local resistance activities. Once a week for the first 5 weeks, we will coordinate national actions that will highlight the policies of the occupation that deny Palestinians basic freedom: checkpoints, roadblocks, settlements, the occupier’s prisoners, and lack of freedom of religion. We will end the campaign with a 3-week march along the path of the wall, from Jenin to Jerusalem.

[Our comment: is this why Huwaida Arraf is recruiting at Georgetown this weekend???]

Saturday, July 17: CHECKPOINT ACTION

Simultaneous demonstrations to checkpoints and removal of roadblocks in all regions.


A NO BORDERS CAMP begins! Where Israeli bulldozers are trying to flatten Palestinian farmland for the path of the Apartheid Wall, activists will erect protest tents.

[Our comment: they want to stop construction of the Suicide Bomber Exclusion Wall.]

…In some villages marchers will carry out non-violent direct actions against the wall.

More will be added as our research uncovers more information.

Georgetown University: is Huwaida Arraf still going to be allowed to speak at this conference? Remember, “…we have no interest at Georgetown University in allowing people to come to campus who are supporters of terrorism.”