The Georgetown Palsolidarity Divestment Conference is not an academic exercise in “free speech.” It is a training and strategy session for American anarchists and communists who have teamed up with the PLO to find ways to use American college campuses as a launching platform to destroy Israel . They do this by teaching how to economically strangle Jews in the Middle East and here at home, how to trick young Americans to think Israel, the only pluralistic democracy in the Middle East, is like apartheid South Africa needing to be destroyed, and to convince Christians in the US that Christians in the Middle East are victims of the Jews, not the victims of Muslim Arabs.


The event is both anti-Semitic and the antithesis of free speech with a speech code called the “five points of unity” that uses doublespeak to call for the destruction of Israel.  It is not a “peace conference,” but a “war conference” to make sure the Road Map does not Create two democratic states side by side, only one Muslim Arab dominated one in place of Israel. The organizers all say one thing in public then practice another behind closed doors without the press and even forbid cameras and recorders inside for this very reason.

Their goal is to starve Israel out of existence; to them, all of Israel is “occupied” and must be overrun by 5 million Arabs.


Imagine if the Klan wanted a conference held at GU saying it was not anti-Black but only wanted Black people to leave Washington DC to set up a white city-state. .Imagine if they wanted to hold a conference  to train activists in how to train others to boycott the Washington Black population until they were economically devastated and fled. And imagine if these organizers called lynchings “legitimate resistance” as the PSM organizers do and admitted working with terrorist groups that violently pursue their goals as the PSM also does. Imagine if they said they were not racists because they were not pursuing all Blacks in America, just in Washington, like the PSM pursues Jews in Israel. Georgetown would never allow such a conference on campus. But Jews and Israel are fair game and calling for illegal boycotts of them and supporting their murders is all academic at GU. This Conference brings nazis, anarchists, communists, and Arab terrorists all together for one purpose: hurt Israel and the Jewish people.


“Freedom of speech” is not the freedom to lie and slander the Jews of Israel and the Jewish people and make it look like an academic enterprise.